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Review our current list of workshop topics. The list will be updated as proposals are approved.


BLM In Conversation With The Movement: A New Black or The Latest Survivors of The Constantly Strong


Can The Revolution Be Televised? A Social Media Tactical Approach or Not?


A New Black Female and Black Male Dialogue: Understanding How We Work Together in the Era of Feminism, Womanist and Me-Too Consciousness


Flexing Our Muscle in the Labor Movement to Forge a Black Agenda


Doing For Self: Leveraging African-American Entrepreneurship for Political Power, in Addition to Building Black Wealth


Penetrating Previously Closed Institutions: Our Presence in PW Spaces of Power, Opening Doors and Not Closing Them

Mental Illness: A Collective Approach To Survive The Rising Tide


The Prison Industrial Complex In The Era of Criminal Justice Reform: A Coherent Community Approach


Next Up: The Emerging Leaders Panel

(Leaders 20 to 30)


The Sage Wisdom / Elders Panel Reflect and Re-Access: What Went Right, What Went Wrong


Higher Education: Africanna Studies or CRT: The Best Way To Tell Our Story


40 Million Dollars Slaves or Captains of Industry? Harnessing Black Power in the Realm of Sports and

Entertainment for True Black Power


The Black Press: Returning to Its Role as the Defenders of Our People


Synthesis: Forging an Agenda Between The Old Guard and New


Black Farmers and Land: Getting Our Share of the Land and Resources


Criminal Justice Reform: Ending School to Prison Pipeline


What's In Your Hand? An Intimate Family Conversation On Ending Crime in Our Community

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